Thursday, April 29, 2010

'Cause He's Great Like That

One night during our Spring Break, Corey made dinner for our family.  Stir Fry.  It was delicious!  He is a great cook.... way, way better than me!  So it is always a treat when he cooks.  And what did I do while he cooked?  Well, like any good sous chef I am always available to chop and dice and measure... and take photos of our food.  

Thanks Honey, for taking good care of us and making us scrumptious food.  
I love you!

Spring Break 2010: The Dr. Pepper Museum, Waco

The second half of the "Waco Day" of our Spring Break we visited the Dr. Pepper Museum.  I have lived near and visited Waco for about 24 years and I love Dr. Pepper, but I have never visited the museum.  It was fun... and funny!  You should see some of the advertising ploys that they used to use to sell this stuff... everything from health, to beauty was promised if you drank the drink that was originally called "The Waco" by the pharmacist that invented it.

~ The Museum ~
~ outside of the museum by the Dr. Pepper delivery trucks ~
~ inside the museum with the cousins, Chloe & Skyler ~
At the end of our time at the museum, the boys shared a Dr. Pepper float.
At the end of our time there, the kids added our admission stickers to the street sign outside of the museum.

After the museum, we met the rest of our Waco-family at Ninfa's for some yummy Mexican food then headed home for the rest of our Spring Break.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Spring Break 2010: Visiting Gibbie At Work

Here I go again... trying to catch up the blog.  Summer is very near, so maybe I'll do better at staying current then.  Don't laugh... I said maybe.  

Okay, so during Spring Break, the kids and I spent a day in Waco.  First, we went to see my mom at work.  She works in the athletic department at Baylor University which has a beautiful new facility.  She took us on a tour, and we got to meet a lot of the people that she works with.  I only had my iPhone with me, but here are some of the photos that I took:

~ Gibbie & the kids at her desk ~
Mom's desk overlooks Baylor's practice football fields.  It is a pretty view!
Adrielle & the girls met us at Mom's office then we took the kids to The Dr. Pepper Museum.  (That blog post is up-next.  For now, I am off to get my sick girly some soup for her upset tummy.  
Until next time... (and hopefully that won't be as far away as last time's "next time") 

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