Monday, September 29, 2008


We have spent a lot of time at my sister's house lately.  I have been honored to help Sara get ready for the arrival of Sweet Ainsley, celebrate her birth, and help her adjust (in some small way) to life as a family of four.  That meant that my little family has been to Oklahoma 3 times in the last month... which was a bit of a stretch in comfort for the kids.  As we were driving home last night, Allie asked if we could stop at the state line and take some pictures.  I think that we were all glad to be home.

We LOVE Texas!

~ the "Silly Picture" ~
~ back in the Lone Star State ~

A Family Party

While we were in Oklahoma visiting Sara and her family, we got the chance to go to Tulsa for the night to attend a party for my cousin Traci and her new husband Tim as they celebrated their marriage.

~ Traci & me ~
~ Alex & Jack, great buddies ~
~ Cooper ~
Jack really, really, REALLY loved the dancing portion of the party!  
He was quite entertaining and hilarious to watch.

~ my mom & dad, dancing ~
~ Alex & Helen, our new cousins, dancing ~

~ Allie with her Poppie and Great Uncle Barry ~

Silly Girl

Like I mentioned in the last post, Allie likes to grab my camera (or her camera) when she gets bored, and she can take some really fun shots!  These were taken one day when we were visiting Sara... My serious, calm, quiet girl can be pretty silly sometimes.

Sara's husband, Beau, chose this shirt for her to put on one morning.  Evidentially, it was from his college wardrobe.  We all thought that it was hilarious! 

Family Fun In Oklahoma

Here are a few misc. shots of my family this past weekend while we were visiting Asher and Ainsley (and their parents too)...

~ pretty girls ~
 Asher loves wearing anyone's shoes.
On this afternoon, he was taking a walk in Cooper's rain boots.
My creative girl took this photo.  I love it!
It says so much with so little - a little boy, his boots, the country ground.
~ Allie doing the "2 Baby Hold" ~
(easier said than done)
~ Asher and his "ba ba" ~
I could have watched her sleep for 3 days straight.
(LOVE the hair bow, Emmie!)
Allie entertains herself with a camera  pretty often these days.  
This is a picture that she took of Jack.  I love his smiling face!
~ Cooper checking on his baby cousin during the photo shoot ~
This weekend was Jack and Corey's first time to meet Ainsley since they stayed home for work and school and ball games when she was born.

Ainsley (and her Mommy)

A few more of two of my favorite girls in my life...

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Baby Ainsley's Tiny Parts

~beautiful pieces of the puzzle~

A Sneak Peek

Long time, no post... huh?  Well, the fam and I loaded up Thursday evening and headed back to Oklahoma to see my sister, Sara, and her new and improved little family.  While there, I took almost 300 pictures, and most of them included Sweet Baby Ainsley.  Here is one that Allie snapped of me during a photo shoot that I had with her this afternoon as I was trying to calm her down.  I love it!  I don't get to be in many pictures as I am usually the one behind the camera, so I love that I am captured in this one (I think that it is so creatively taken... just a bit of me showing)... doing what I love to do... holding a newborn baby in the middle of a photo shoot.  And that look that she is giving me!!!  I could melt right here and now...

I will get (many) more photos posted as soon as I can...

Monday, September 22, 2008

Happy 60th Anniversary Grandma & Grandad!

My grandparents are two of my favorite blog-readers.  (and two of my favorite people in the world)  They don't ever comment on my blog, but I think that they have read every post that I have written.  When we talk they always know what has been going on in my life.  They are able to jump right in, and we have great conversations.  I love that!  This past Saturday was their 60th wedding anniversary.  I was not home to be able to post an anniversary greeting then, so I am doing it tonight.  

Grandma & Grandad ~ I love you so much!  You have been a great example to all of  your family of commitment as you have weathered many storms in your 60 years together.  I don't know if I have ever seen 2 people more in love and better at taking care of each other than you two.  I hope that when I have been married for 60 years that I can say that I did it as well as you have!  

Allie and I were figuring out tonight how many lives you two are responsible for, and it is quite impressive.  You have 3 daughters, 13 grandkids, 23 great-grandkids, and a total of 54 people in your "immediate family".  I'd say that you have touched a lot of lives!  We all love and respect you!

I am honored to get to call you my family.  My grandparents.  Happy Anniversary... here's to many, many more years together.  I love you both!

Adding Another Sweet Baby To The Clan

Last Wednesday Allie, Cooper, and I jumped in a van with my sister-in-law and headed to Oklahoma, so we could all be a part of a big family event the next day... the birth day of grandbaby #8, Ainsley Grace.  My family is so crazy!  I don't think that I know of another one out there that will all load up and head to another state with all of their little kids to be a part of every birth that their big ol' family has.  There are 18 of us now, and 15 of us were at hospital on Thursday as we all awaited the arrival of Ainsley.  We all came prepared with coloring books, toys, stickers, DVDs, snacks, magazines, books, and as much patience & endurance as we could all muster up.  While my sister, Sara, and her husband, Beau, were busy bringing a baby into the world, we all took turns refereeing & entertaining kids in the waiting room and visiting Sara in the labor & delivery room.  (My dad, brother, and sister-in-law get super-kudos for spending more time in the waiting room than the labor room.  Thank you!)

After 12 hours of labor with an epidural that didn't work quite right (again), Sara gave birth to a beautiful, perfect baby girl.  I am so proud of her!  Ainsley Grace was born at 6:30pm on September 18th.  She weighed 8 lbs. 7 oz. and was 21 " long.  Every once in a while we could see glimpses of Asher in the way that she looked, but mostly she just looks like a dainty little girl.

~ Asher & Poppie waiting in the hall to meet Ainsley ~
~ Beau showing Asher his new baby sister for the first time ~
~ family of 4 ~
There were several cameras being used during this time, and I did not get one picture where everyone was looking at the camera, but I love the looks on Sara's and Asher's faces as they looked at each other and laughed in this one.  So happy!  
~ Poppie & Gibbie with grandbaby #8 ~
~ Uncle Coby & Ainsley ~
~ Aunt Adrielle & Ainsley ~
~ Allie & MiMi with Ainsley ~
~ Emmie & Ainsley ~
~ Cooper seeing Ainsley Grace for the first time ~
(the next day)
~ my newest niece and me ~
(Notice the cute hair bow.  :)  I had to make sure that she had one... they are my favorite!)
~ the oldest grandchild and the youngest ~
~ Ainsley Grace through the isolette ~
~ Cooper looking at his new cousin ~

~ Ainsley with rose petals from the roses that all of the brothers and sisters gave Sara ~
~ my beautiful sister and her baby girl ~
~ Beau and Sara with their new addition at home ~
~ resting with a newborn on my chest... a piece of heaven ~

~ I think that this one is my favorite... although it is very hard to choose. ~
~ Allie & Ainsley ~
~ Asher playing This Little Piggy with Ainsley (and Mommy & Gibbie) ~
~ Asher with his new baby sister ~
~ a quick peek at her pretty eyes ~
~ Happy Asher ~

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