Friday, September 24, 2010

Catching Up April: Girls' Weekend Away

On one of the weekends in April my friend, Jenny, invited some of her girlfriends to her in-laws' house in the Hill Country near Austin, TX.  I had visited their home once before and remembered it being a couple of days of heaven... and this time it was, as well.  The atmosphere and scenery there are beautiful.  Jenny's in-laws, Steve & Shereda, are so caring and hospitable.  And it is just relaxing.  So very relaxing!

~ me & Jenny ~
We have been friends for over 10 years.
 ~ Friends ~
Randi, Amy, Stacy, 
Vicki, Jenny, Kim, & Michelle

Shereda & Jenny are amazing hostesses.  From being met at the front door with a margarita when we arrived to the goody bag on my bed to the water bottles and fresh flowers in my (very own) room, every detail was thought of...

The first night that we were there, Shereda made us a delicious lasagna, and we enjoyed a long, slow dinner with great conversation.

After dinner the girls all went out by the fire pit and made s'mores with Peeps Easter candy.

The next morning, Steve took us on a boat ride across the lake for brunch.  It was fun and delicious!
~ Shereda, Amy, Randi, & Tate ~

~ Jenny & me at brunch overlooking the lake ~

 The food was beautiful & delicious.

After the boat ride, we hung out in the hot tub and sat by the pool overlooking the lake all afternoon.

~ Steve, Shereda, & the girls ~

That night Steve & Shereda took us to a great Hill Country restaurant that is at a vinyard. 

It was such a good weekend....


Randi said...

That was such a fun weekend!

Mama Jeannie said...

I had forgotten all about your girls' weekend Amy. What a wonderful post and what a fantastic and refreshing weekend you all had. I feel rested after just reading about it. :0)

Jenny said...

It's kinda fun that you're behind on posting b/c now I got to relive the whole weekend again. That was so much fun!!

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