Friday, September 24, 2010

Catching Up April: Misc. @ Home

As I am going through trying to catch up my blog, I am coming across some random photos that I will lump together into Misc. posts.  Here is a look into the life of our family on some random days in April 2010

These days, Cooper can often be found in a costume reading the new children's Bible that he received on Easter.  

He is ALWAYS ready to play a game!

One day in April, Corey told me to go in the backyard, and this was sitting on the table.  
Just Because.

~ Tulips for Allie from Daddy ~

We have many birds in our neighborhood.  We were surprised when we saw this red-headed woodpecker though.  He looked just like Woody Woodpecker!

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Randi said...

I love the woodpecker!

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