Friday, September 24, 2010

Catching Up April: Easter 2010

April 4, 2010 - We had an untraditional, but really good Easter this year.  Our pastor asked that if at all possible, the regular attenders come to the Sunday evening service at our church to make room for those that don't typically come to church but come on Easter.  We decided to try to help by doing as he asked.  We have never not been in church on Easter morning.  It felt a little strange at first, but we ended up really liking it!  Corey started the day early, alone in the backyard with the squirrels (as seen a few posts before), and the rest of us slept a little later.  The boys woke up and had to rouse Allie from her sleep, then we were off to see what the Easter Bunny had brought to the kids' baskets and shoes. 

We literally spent the rest of the morning and afternoon in the backyard.

I even prepared our Easter Dinner on the patio table.  This is the preperation of the Apple Dumplings that I made for dessert.  They were to die for!!!

 ~ Corey, 100% relaxed ~
 ~ coloring Easter Eggs ~

We invited Allan & Emily and their kids to join us for Easter Dinner.  

~ my roast, potatoes, & carrots with a centerpiece from the backyard ~
 ~ Allan's homemade crescent rolls ~
 ~ Emily's cauliflower "brain" ~

~ The Kavaliches & the Powells ~
(Jacob & I are there - just not pictured.)

The men (even the tiny one) had their traditional after-holiday-dinner-naps.

~ our family ~

~ Corey & me ~

Since Allan & Jacob were sleeping at the house during our "photo shoot", I just took a quick iPhone photo of the Kavs at church.

~ me & my sister ~
I love this photo of us and that we got to share part of this holiday together!

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